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One Bite Design Studio


" INTERConnecting people and making places.  "

— The One Biters



One Bite Design Studio are a creative team of strategists, architects, urban planners, designers, community outreach managers and event managers.

Headquartered in Hong Kong with an office in Singapore, we have been involved in various architectural, interior designart and pop-up installationsvisual communication and social creative projects in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia since 2014.



We Play as We Create.


Cost-consciousness is a virtue.

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What We Create,

People Enlivens it.


One Bite Social 【一口舍群】is a community-empowering and life-giving initiative created by the creative individuals and friends of One Bite Design Studio.

We curate and organize a series of events in a diverse range of public and private spaces around our city in order to reconnect the missing link between architecture, space and our society that we live in. We actively advocate, in creative ways, our rights to good quality urban spaces by bringing out programme that would inspire and allow us to re-imagine our city and our spaces.

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