[The Gadget of Design]

Type: Indoor | Installation
Location: PMQ, Central, Hong Kong
Client: PMQ & Royal Institute of British Architects Hong Kong Chapter
Year: 2015

Dear shopaholics,

Welcome on board for the celebration of design talents at PMQ!

Thank you for being patient. We know you have waited too long. Your time has come. The annual festival of local design, De Tour,  will be your handy gadget to sneak through 5 wonderful works from selected tenants in PMQ. We are happy to present to you, “The Gadget of Design”, at the PMQ verandah space. 

The Gadget celebrates for PMQ, the container and incubator of local design talents in Hong Kong, to be the gear of creativity. The Gadget will give you a wonderful time to have fun and get inspired by the selected designs!

Design is original. 原創
Design is fun. 玩味
Design is reinterpreting life. 詮譯生活

Through the Gadget, you can experience the humorous side of design process & bombardment. How can BlkSheep Empire Footwear transform a dinosaur into a pair of shoes? How can FLOW+ Living turn real food into tableware? The ingredients cannot consist of the creative juice from designers alone. The design could only be accomplished with YOU! Interact with the Gadget and be part of the design flow. 

Get the souvenirs and visit the shops for surprises too!

It is never easy to stop shopping, so, don’t suppress yourself and enjoy this new shop window gear for creativity!

Yours truly, 
One Biters

Collaborators: Bamboa Home, Blksheep Empire, Loom Loop, FLOW+Living, 513 Paint Shop
One Biters: Alan Cheung, Luana Kwok, Sarah Mui