Embracing Dreams & Changes

Type: Competition | Architecture
Location: Hong Kong
Organizer: West Kowloon Cultural District Authority
Year: 2017


“She is a dreamer. A doer. A thinker. Dreams live in her arms. She is our beautiful dreamer, Hong Kong.”

Hong Kong is a legacy of dreams. This pavilion is our blessing in the form of a dream catcher for Hong Kong citizens and the international audience who believe in the power of dreams, on the forthcoming art and cultural axis in WKCD.


When one feels low and thinks he can never reach the sky, why not to imagine turning the city upside down to bring forward the sky? This is the root of the Dream Symphony Pavilion. To portray the sweetest dream, the inverted city is stretched away from the ground to generate a labyrinthine sky journey for everyone to adventure through the territory that one gets inspired every day.

Dressed in a timeless form transforming from a vertically exaggerated entry to an extended horizontal viewing deck towards the harbour, the open-plan circulation reinvents the wandering in the city. The neighbouring tree is blended in the shifted massing of the pavilion to articulate an outdoor plaza for big audience. The rows of inverted tubes retain a sense of ordered chaos, lay the symphony for diversified living moments. Diversity and personality are fostered in these intricate social spaces.


The composition is made up of three main layers, including the main steel structure, the inverted tubes varying in heights and opacity, and the undulating landscape representing our historical emblem.

In response to the environmental concern, an open roof design with confined glazed units is proposed to optimize wind impact and allow cross ventilation. The journey along the dream catcher is highlight in the central event space energized by the arrays of colourful lighting and hanging plants.

Stay dream on!

One Biters: Alan Cheung, Sarah Mui, Jessie Lau, Larissa Leung, Kaitlin Tang, Johnny Chan