[Bojagi - An Architectural Blessing to the City]

Type: Competition | Architecture
Location: Suncheon, South Korea
Organizer: Daegu Architectural Culture Confederation
Year: 2016

Suncheon Art Platform (SAP) is more than just a building. It is a blessing to Suncheon and her citizens through a reinvented “bojagi 보자기”. This bojagi utilises the magnificent mountainous scenery as its backcloth and overlooks onto the river that flows through the city from west to east.

Green is our First Name. SAP intends to honour the rich natural setting of Suncheon and to maintain the environment for the city. The design of architectural mass of art platform with stack effect mechanism encourages natural ventilation throughout the whole structure.

Cultural Heritage is our Care. The existing habitation on the sites symbolises the history and liveliness of the location. Instead of completely erasing these memories, the new city landscape reuses the remains from these habitation spots and creates new public platforms for all to enjoy. Materials from demolished buildings are recycled and revived in the new SAP. Smells, memories, and meanings are captured to preserve heritage.

Landscape & Nature Appreciation is our Vision. In Suncheon, one should never dissociate the importance of nurture from nature. The differential brick layering of SAP allows changing opacity across the layers of buildings that form the architecture. With designated heights reconciling the mountainous landscape of Suncheon, SAP becomes part of the city landscape and enforces the core treasure of this beautiful city.

One Biters:
Alan Cheung, Johnny Chan, Luana Kwok, Jessie Lau, Sarah Mui