[The Joy of Aging]

Type: Interior | Elderly Centre
Location: Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
Client: St. James' Settlement
Year: 2018
Area: 400 sm

This project by St. James’ Settlement is a new generation of elderly daycare centre in Hong Kong. Different from other conventional daycare centres that may have ‘hospital-like’ environment and focus solely on the safety and sanitation, the spatial and interior design of the project has incorporated elements of dementia conscious design to future-proof the space to be adaptive to elderly that may have early signs of dementia. Simple vibrant colours were used for various interior spaces in the centre, forming an intentional spatial colouring system that could assist elderly and dementia patients recognising and orientating among different spaces in the daycare centre. Flexible wall panelling system incorporating simple board games allows elderly to interact with the interior design of the centre for dementia prevention purposes. Throughout the design process, One Bite has also run a series of design workshops with the elderly by engaging them with Virtual Reality technology, making it easy for them to take part in the designing the place that they spend a lot of time in.

Photographer: Tai Ngai Lung
One Biters: Johnny Chan, Alan Cheung, Lung Mak, Sarah Mui, Suet Ngo