[The Telling Room]

Type: Outdoor | Public Furniture
Location: Salisbury Garden, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Client: New World Development Company
Year: 2017

The Salisbury Garden is a breathing space in the heart of the city. Our design re-imagines the Garden to be our very own Telling Room for Tsim Sha Tsui.
“I wish we could all have a telling room, a place where we go to tell our stories and listen to the stories of others; in our culture, the telling room might be around the dinner table or in the car on a long trip……. Containing nothing but a wooden table and two benches, this is where villagers have gathered for centuries to share their stories and secrets - usually accompanied by copious amounts of wine. “- The Telling Room, Michael Paterniti
Our furniture design consists of 7 Houses of Trees, with a subtle fan-shaped geometry, surrounding the trees on the timber deck. These Houses of Trees consist of two parts: the movable blocks and the fixed blocks around the trees. The variations in the setting reconnect people to nature, while the intimate space for friends and family gathering could be created. You can choose your preferred space to have your packed lunch facing the tree; or to be sociable by sitting with your friend looking over the Space Museum. A variety of stories and secrets will then be housed in our set of furniture for all to enjoy.

Environmental consciousness
This set of furniture in Salisbury Garden reuses the trashed water bottles collected from the construction site as the counter weight. The temporary nature of water bottles brings convenience with a detrimental consequence to our environment, but the new permanence of them carry environmental responsibility. Old objects with a new story, thank you for taking part in creating the new story with us.

Photographer: Tai Ngai Lung
Videographer: Breeze Production
One Biters: Alan Cheung, Sarah Mui, Erica Wong, Suet Yan