[The Freshness Market]

Type: Architecture | Retail
Location: Guangzhou, China
Client: Precious Fresh (H.K.) Limited
Year: 2015
Area: 150 sm

Pure Fresh, a Chinese e-retailer for imported gourmet food, has commissioned One Bite in the designing of a Pop-up Store in Guangzhou, China. The pop-up shop was innovatively designed to resemble a shipping container for the association of food products being delivered to customers at their freshest state. A rustic garden was also recreated, surrounding the pop-up shop with upcycled wooden furniture for people to relax, interact and sit down to enjoy their purchases in the open air. One Bite aspires for this pop-up store to be a plug-in to the public realm in order to add vibrancy to the heart of Guangzhou.

One Biters: Alan Cheung, Sarah Mui