Year of completion: 2016

Award: shortlisted

Art is in the Air
- dissolving boundary -

Dear art lovers,

Dissolving the provided boundary of the booth into layers of floating frames, we are proposing a design to let you immerse into the air of art. We believe art is a way to break boundaries of culture, language, gender, profession, and mind. This "Art is in the Air" can provide the space that embraces people sharing & creating the meeting spaces they want.

A Platform for Idea Conversation
Locating the meeting space in the centre of the booth, the reading and display spaces are placed along the edge to welcome visitors to use and sit for open discussion. Timber boards are shelved for seating. Visitors can choose the panel they want and tuck in the frames as a seat. Mirror on side wall to manipulate reflections & density of the air of art.

Wish you a romantic date with art in this March!

Yours sincerely,
One Biters