[Blending the Chinese & Western Ingredients]

Type: Interior | Retail | Clinic
Location: Various Locations in Hong Kong
Client: Joyful and Health Chinese Medicine Centre
Year: Since 2017
Area: 30-100 sm

Joyful and Health Chinese Medicine Centre is a modern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic in Hong Kong, connecting tradition and innovation as a basis for the pursue of healthy living.

The interior design of the project was inspired by elements taken from Chinese medicine drawers which were commonly found in old Chinese medicine clinics in the past as the shopfront design. From the rhythm of the design to the choices of natural materials such as wood and metal, it hopes to reflects the project to be a 'new generation' Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic in the city by incorporating age-old elements in a contemporary and comfortable settings for the client's patients. The design has successfully broken the boundary between traditional Chinese medicine and contemporary customers from a younger generation.

Photographer: Tai Ngai Lung
One Biters: Johnny Chan, Alan Cheung, Lung Mak, Sherene Ng, Sarah Mui