[Conversations in Rooms]

Type: Indoor | Exhibition
Location: Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong
Client: Hong Kong Heritage Museum, HKSAR Government
Year: 2018
Area: 500 sm

One Bite Design Studio is the exhibition designer for the “Claylaboration – Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition” at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. Working together with the Branding Designer cplusc workshop, the 4-months exhibition involves the crossover collaboration of local ceramic artists with other creative partners from different domains. 

Inspired by the concept of Fujian Tulou (土樓), the exhibition design itself is both an interior architectural space and a symbol of an earthly art community. The 500 sq.m. circular-shaped exhibition space allows all ceramic artists and collaborators to be housed within the same building, while still being able to have their own galleries. The round-shaped common atrium of the exhibition space links up all exhibition galleries and brings them together as one unique community. Inspired by growth rings of a tree, the central column with hanging fabric from the ceiling symbolizes the wisdom and knowledge exchange in Tulou.

The specially curated long entrance piques the curiosity of the visitors and to prompt them into thinking what the possibilities there are for collaboration between artists and their creative partners. The white interior serves as a blank canvas for artists to demonstrates their creative expression, and the semi-transparent veil interior design allows visitors to explore, understand, observe and internalize the content of the exhibition.

Visual Graphic Design Consultant: cplusc workshop
Photographer: Tai Ngai Lung
One Biters: Johnny Chan, Alan Cheung, Luana Kwok, Sarah Mui, Suet Yan, Tony Zhang