[Play to Engage - Freshly Baked North Point]

Type: Indoor | Exhibition
Organizer: Oi! & Hong Kong Architecture Centre
Year: 2017

To engage is to become involved. In this September, we are bringing you to an imaginary future of North Point, your place of neighbourhood, through the two most natural modes of engagement – Eating and Playing.

You are part of the future of the city, in this imaginary café we are presenting, you can see 5 buildings selected in North Point being transformed into 5 appealing dessert plates. Play with our tailor-made games, and tell us what you are imagining about the future of North Point. Creating a sustainable neighbourhood will require every stakeholder to be involved and engaged, in an enjoyable way.

The 5 buildings selected are evolved around 5 themes – Lifestyle, Eat, Live, Travel and Play. Choose your favourite dish and start playing!

Photographer: Tai Ngai Lung
One Biters: Alan Cheung, Luana Kwok, Larissa Leung, 
Sarah Mui, Erica Wong, Suet Yan,