[Achieving the Zero Wastage]

Type: Indoor | Exhibition
Location: Asia World Expo, Hong Kong
Client: Environment Bureau, HKSAR Government
Year: 2017
Area: 400 sm

Producing zero wastage has been the focus for our exhibition booth design for Environment Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government at the Eco Expo Asia 2017. Using two 14-metres fabric panels, the booth is divided into three aisles, with each of the aisles introducing one of the three green facilities of the Bureau and the Climate Ready Policy. Unlike previous years of creating all new exhibits for the exhibition, a series of borrowed objects from the three green facilities and our collaborators were tastefully curated around the exhibition area. Objects such as the counter-weight and model stands were upcycled by re-using timber from the same exhibition booth last year. After the exhibition, all these upcycling objects will be reused and transformed into permanent setup in the green facilities. Some fabric panels will also be permanently displayed while the remaining fabrics will be upcycled as tote bags.

By actively reducing newly created materials and reusing of old materials, for and after the exhibition, the design process and outcome of the exhibition booth is a demonstration of future sustainable approach to design.

Photographer: Tai Ngai Lung
One Biters: Alan Cheung, Chloe Cheung, Luana Kwok, Lung Mak, Sarah Mui