[Welcome to the delightful journey at Delight Food Factory!]

Type: Interior | Food Factory
Location: Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
Client: New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
Year: 2016
Area: 650 sm

We are happy to present to you the new central kitchen that provides you with holistic healthy refreshments, drinks and desserts freshly made with heart by the New Life Support Enterprises. We believe healthy food can make one happy, and a delightful experience in the process of making can add to the freshness of the maker’s mind and their products as well.

The Delight Food Factory comprises of the Delight Kitchen, Drinks330, an ancillary office, and a flexible and interactive space that serves as training and meeting room. An orange colour is featured in the reception lobby to give employees a vibrant and delightful start of the day. Recycled wooden pallets are reused as shelves for pot plants and display of organic products of the factory.

While the office provides a homey and tranquil atmosphere, promoting wellness of body-mind-spirit to the work culture. The training & meeting room provides flexibility in spatial and lighting design, where one can turn it into a relaxing mindful space when taking a break during the day.

A healthy outside starts from the inside. Hope you will enjoy the healthy source of food brought to you by the Delight Food Factory as a fuel of happiness.

Eat, Drink & Be Mindful!

Photographer: Della Cheung
One Biters: Alan Cheung, Della Cheung, Luana Kwok, Lung Mak,  Sarah Mui