[Where the Creative Minds Meet]

Type: Interior | Institutional
Location: The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Client: Wu Yee Sun College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Year: 2017
Area: 125 sm

C!ab Creativity Laboratory is a multi-disciplinary space for the creative minds across all design and innovation fields at Wu Yee Sun College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Open 24/7, the spatial planning and interior design of the laboratory is specifically catered for structured academic programme, student craft-making and group discussion needs. Flexible partition is designed to separate the more ‘active’ workshop space from the more ‘passive’ group discussion area as needed. Throughout the design and construction stages of C!ab, students from the university were invited to take part in workshops led by local artist and craftsman, co-creating furniture and interior fixture with upcycling materials from previous project remains. This unconventional production approach of C!ab hopes to transfer craft-making skills to the students, enabling them to be benefited more than just users of a well-designed space.

Upcycling Partner: St. James' Settlement Jockey Club Upcycling Centre
Desk Lamp Workshop Partner: Mr. Hammers
Photographer: Tai Ngai Lung
One Biters: Alan Cheung, Jessie Lau, Sarah Mui, Suet Yan