[Transforming the Transition]

Type: Outdoor / Seating
Location: Shatin City Hall, Shatin, Hong Kong
Client: Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR Government
Year: 2016

C.Art is a series of outdoor furniture that are designed to reactivate forgotten pocket spaces around the city. Originally intended by the client as a signage in a park, the designer suggested to include also functions of which park visitors and commuters could stop and enjoy. The first version was tested out at Salisbury Garden in Tsim Sha Tsui, at an awkward pocket space at the park. The second version was then created and installed outside Shatin City Hall and New Town Plaza. The devices were designed to be mobile in order to be rearranged to suit different functions. The artificial grass with the real tree, together with different seating positions allow users to sit or lay down underneath the tree that will blossom and change in colour as season changes. The dynamic of human activities together with the seasonal changes of the tree animates forgotten spaces throughout the year, and has been a firm favourite of hang out places by local residents and commuters in the area.

Brand Concept Designer: CoLAB

One Biters: Luana Kwok, Sarah Mui