Students Co-creating Furniture for Their New Creative Lab at Campus

Co-designing with the users is always our goal. Last weekend, students from Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) have joined together to co-create a number of concrete work lamps, under the guidance of Mr. Hammer, as part of the design and production of C!ab - a new creative lab for the students at Wu Yee Sun College of CUHK designed by One Bite Design Studio.

"Hands on experience creates a sense of belonging for the students, who will be the users of the creative lab. Moreover, by organizing a series of design workshops with different local artists and designers, students will be able to broaden their sights and to be inspired. Students can also learn about upcycling and techniques for using tools that they have seldom used in daily life.

The most interesting thing out of this co-designing exercise with the users is that we often get unexpected feedback whereas we can truly know the real needs from users' perspectives." says Suet Yan, part of our design team who coordinates the co-creating workshop.

Billy KwanComment