Edible Architecture as Vision Building

The One Bite Social team has curated an event last Saturday as part of the Play to Engage – Freshly Baked North Point exhibition held in Oi! Hong Kong.

Using familiar yet abstract components, the weekend workshop allows public participants to reimagine the future of the city with a specially curated sensual journey composed of mindful eating, meditation, food tasting and edible architecture. The event becomes an authentic and sensual expression from the public participants on what they believe the future of our city should be – may it be the craving for more space for slow-living activities; the importance of trams as part of North Point; more conservation of tenement houses or more greenery.

"I hope we could have a museum in our area, collecting arts and paintings. Great if it could be on the hillside for its best view" said one of the participants.

"I don't like having my apartment surrounded by tall buildings. Can we have a residential block surrounded by trees and garden instead?" a young participant on the day said.

"I feel that we do not have enough playground for our kids in the area. I hope there could be more playgrounds along the harbourfront," suggested by one of the mums.

These dialogues throughout the event as part of the main exhibition are the collective vision that forms the core of the planning and design of our city, and is the cornerstone of every sustainable neighbourhood.


Sarah MuiComment