Daily Flavour - Grassy Mint Sorbet

Dear All,

We are delighted to present to you a green menu today!

[Greenladies & Greenlittle @ Wanchai]

This is a story about green shopping. It brings out the pride of you in big banner posters. It translates the blessing from you to the shoppers in the form of rolls of suspended racks. It transforms the deprived dressing rooms into the core of your shopping vision. It understands your need to be yourself without makeup. It respects your mission to carry on a second life. It ties you and the shoppers in the most honest and modest way of communication without excessive decorations.

Are you Second?
Yes, I am a second-hand dress.

I SECOND, is not a slogan. It is a new shopping habit.

We Second.


今日口味 - 綠草味雪芭





Are you Second?


This revamped Greenladies and Greenlittle shop in Wanchai is a collaboration with St. James’ Settlement and CoLAB. Thank you for giving the trust to the team.

童裝收集,支持二手聖雅各福群會GREENLADIES/GREENLITTLE 坐落灣仔分店已為大家服務感謝相信我們的團隊


{Life is about how to live and Design is about how to re-interpret living 生活取決態度設計詮譯生活}


Special Thanks: St. James Settlement & St. James' Settlement Jockey Club Upcycling Centre
Brand Concept Design and Art Direction: CoLAB
Interior Design: One Bite Design Studio Ltd.
Interior Photography: Kevin Mak


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