House of a Shopaholic

Dear Shopaholics, 

Welcome home, Shopaholics!

Off the Wall is a cutting-edge, multi-brand fashion dream that every shopaholic longs to escape to. In Tsim Tsa Shui, shopaholics can now give in to their hearts’ desire and escape to the fourth branch of Off the Wall. For this shop, One Bite was tasked with the façade and interior design.

As the shoppers approach the storefront, their attentions will be immediately drawn to the sight of nine, gigantic LCD monitors on the store windows. While these monitors are primarily as eye candy, they have dual functions as a flashing lookbook and as a visual platform for communicating in-store promotions. The space in between the LCD monitors and the store windows offers another layer for promotions: the space may be filled with seasonal decorations, mannequins and displays.

Around the storefront and inside the store, the presence of Off the Wall’s logo is ubiquitous. The presentation of the logo plays with light and shadow, designed to give viewers an “off the wall” feeling in the literal sense. Overlooking from a window to the streets below, a neon-lit logo attracts outsiders’ attentions and beckons for them to come to the shop.

Inside, the colour scheme focuses on the idea of purity; the palate is kept clean with pristine whites and gleaming brass. The major themes for the shop are playfulness and surprise.

One of the first things shoppers see upon entering the store is the brass, merry-go-round display piece. Inside this 400 square feet shop, this display piece offers functionality and an element of play. Products may be presented on top of the merry-go-round, and this piece is capable of rotary movements. A circular, modernized chandelier echoes from above and grounds the spinning visual sensations. Movements are emphasized in this shop, with shoe display trolleys and a rolling, hanging clothes rack by the fitting room. The fitting room’s three inclosing walls and ceiling are composed entirely of brass to transport shoppers into a new, glamorous and bewitching environment.

To the keen eye, this shop is all about the articulation of details. Contrasting textual materials in the same colour tone are used to further the three-dimensional, “off the wall” perceptions within the shop. The interior walls are selectively laid with tiling to form shapes, and the white colours of the walls bleed into the white, marble floor. Square frames and shapes are frequently used to project clean shadows onto the walls, illustrating another layer of dimension. The concept of “off the wall” is taken literally in the design of many details. Decorative and display frames are positioned to hover away from the walls, and the coat hangers embedded into the stripped brass walls hang anterior to the walls, as opposed to posterior.

This shop was specially designed and opened to commemorate the brand’s third anniversary in 2015. One Bite’s refined designs for this store catapults the brand into a new, higher level of sophistication while appealing to shopaholics’ desire for playfulness and surprise – in their lives and in their wardrobes.

Have a good shopping!

Yours truly,
One Biters

Sarah MuiComment