<An Object 一舊野> 
Let’s Stay . Space . Share!

Type: Outdoor | Installation
Location: Hong Kong
Year: 2016

“An Object 一舊野” is a pack-and-go social bike project initiated by One Bite Social in summer 2016. It brings on an anonymous identity and tries to serve as an intervention to different public space in a subtle and humble way. Spreading its benches and tables in the space according to the site-specific landscape, “An Object 一舊野” will be providing a chit-chat and social spot for every passerby. It will also collaborate with different groups to provide services and events. Being “An Object”, its characters will change according to the need of the selected sites and of its neighbour. We hope everyone could start enjoying our public space again and let our spatial imagination of our city revives. We hope the story of An Object will carry on. 

Our City needs her diversity to embrace the vibrancy of life.


若你想不起上一次到公園閒逛的時間,你需要的就是 “一舊野”。讓我們一起逗留、共享空間的美味!

一舊野是一個Pack and Go的社區互動空間單車實驗,嘗試以一架單車去介入城市裡被遺忘的角落。以單車承載傢俱配件,跟據所到的地方,鋪設可讓人享受和互動的佈局,令大眾可以重新享受身邊空間的特質。新的空間體驗和享受,希望讓大眾從新發現對身邊每日的公共空間的喜愛和想像 ,協助城市構建大家的想像力。