[A Dialogue with The City Encounter]

Type: Indoor | Exhibition
Location: Beijing, Dunhuang, Hangzhou, China
Client: Art Promotion Office, HKSAR Government
Year: 2018
Area: 400-600 sm

The 2018 Hong Kong-Macao Visual Art Biennale is a well regarded and highly anticipated roving exhibition in mainland China to showcase the talented young artists and their works from Hong Kong and Macao. One Bite Art Foundation and One Bite Design are honored to support the exhibition as guest curator and exhibition architect. Taking on the Biennale’s theme of “Urban Touch”, 8 Hong Kong artists hailing from architectural backgrounds were showcased in the exhibition across Beijing, Dunhuang and Hangzhou.

The exhibition design intended to present the intricate Hong Kong city experience to the mainland Chinese audience. Inspired by Hong Kong’s labyrinthine alleyways and streets, and catering to the roving venues, a modular set-up was designed to orchestrate a hide-and-seek experience with the 8 pieces of artwork. Box structures of varying heights, from 2m to seating levels, were juxtaposed in the exhibition hall as a city grid. Each piece of artwork was treated as a pocket space inside this miniature network. Each venue saw a different directional approach for the artwork, with the reveal angle changing every time, making each encounter with the artwork unique and personalized. Working with the lighting quality of each venue, the various set-ups for the exhibition brought a day-to-night experience to the audience in the three cities. A big mirror wall at the end of the walk reflected all artworks at one glance, to amplify the multiplicity in a city journey.

Photographer: Tai Ngai Lung
Videographer: Marvin Tam
One Biters: Bryan Chee, Alan Cheung, Sarah Mui, Chee-yee Tsui, Suet Yan