[Let Creativity Take Flight...]

Type: Indoor | Exhibition
Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre , Hong Kong
Client: Joint Publishing (Hong Kong) Company
Year: 2015
Area: 108 sm

Similar to the previous year, Joint Publishing held another book fair in 2015 to reiterate the power of reading in unleashing the creative mind. This year, the crowning theme of the book fair was exploration and One Bite’s design for the exhibits honed in on this theme.

Reading a book has often been likened to living another life as the reader delves deeper and deeper into the characters’ world with each passing page. Reading is a journey where readers explore their own minds in imagining the events of the book, and where they also explore their own hearts in empathizing and bonding with the characters. Exploration leads to new ideas and for many, their journey starts with a plane. 

With writers jotting their ideas down on paper, paper planes are a ubiquitous motif within the exhibits. At the front end of the book fair, below the main sign and the neon paper plane, sits a stage of yellow and white radial stripes. On this stage, paper planes soar out of a typewriter; the growth of ideas is illustrated with the small paper plane graphics that evolve into small, paper three-dimensional models that then manifest into the large teal paper plane, perched on the corner of the stage. The shadow of an airplane can be seen flying below, signifying that even ideas scrawled on paper can take full flight and be realized. In the space between the paper plans and the airplane’s shadow, floating bookshelves are scattered across. These bookshelves play host to eight specific books that embody the spirit of discovery. Each book on these shelves were written by young writers that have won their chance to publish their first books through a competition. Finally, on the wall behind the stage, wooden coat hangers are mounted onto the wall and selected books dangle across these hangers against colourful banners. 

The metal-framed structure that encompasses the book fair is a solid black colour, functioning as an effective backdrop for the colourful graphics, and the top section of the structure is lined with additional metal beams to mimic lined sheets of paper. The graphics that dance within the lines of the metal beams depict cultural and creative activities, as well as inspirational quotes and impactful words. Oversized clipboards hang from the columns of the structure, grasping fun and colourful posters.

Tables covered with featured books and other merchandises are arranged in a series of rows on the ground incased by the metal structure. Backlit categorical signs indicate the different sections of the book fair, and these signs are strung up from ceiling of the structure to free up ground space. Customers have freedom of movement between the aisles of tables, and can browse the book fair in comfort.

One Bite’s design for Joint Publishing’s book fair this year hopes to inspire the flight of new and creative ideas. So pick up a book and travel to another world to explore another life. As Henry Miller once said, “one’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”. 

One Biters: Alan Cheung, Della Cheung, Sarah Mui