[Sweet and Sophisticated Home]

Type: Interior | Residential
Location: Yuen Long, Hong Kong
Client: Private Client
Year: 2014
Area: 300 sm

For the young couple that loves hosting visitors in their spacious three-storey home, the interior design for Maison E creates a sophisticated atmosphere for the owners and guests alike. Intermingling chic contemporary elements with soothing earthy touches, relaxation and peace can be easily found here. 

Upon walking in, visitors are greeted with the sight of the custom-made shelves lining the wall. Constructed to echo serene mountain terrains, these shelves offer storage space for collectibles, wine, books and shoes in abundance. These shelves were built using contrasting materials – of natural and painted wood, and of clear and tinted glass – for a stimulating visual of colours and textures. With the design of these shelves, a sense of flow is created and it beckons visitors to venture deeper inside. Upon looking backwards, observers are treated to pops of colour in refreshing shades of lime.

No walls divide the dining area from the living room, following the natural flow of the interior design. Instead, light troughs with gently-contoured edges indicate the beginnings and ends of each room from above. As well, overhead lights speckle the ceiling and offer additional illumination. In accords with modern trends, minimalistic furniture pieces decorate the rooms. Selected chairs act as colourful highlights to these spaces, reminiscent of the ocean and sunset amidst the subtle shoreline colour scheme.

Going deeper, the staircase is fitted with transparent glass panels for an open and welcoming look. The treads, composed of similar floorboards as the first floor but with a matte finish, continue the flow upwards to the second-storey.

The landing of the second floor is a transition zone, with three possible rooms to enter: the storage room, the duo study and guest room, and the master bedroom. Forest-themed wallpaper covers one section of a wall, and licks into an adjoining wall as an interesting design component. A carved shelf within the main forested wall offers space for the display of conversational pieces. Lastly, cushions imitating stones add to the tranquil setting and another set of stairs leads upwards to the rooftop gardens.

Along a wall in the study room, a shelf that is able to fold down to function as a bedframe was installed – effectively able to turn this room into a guest room when needed. Wallpaper of vintage aircrafts decorates one wall, and another custom-made shelf occupies the adjoining wall. Moving to the master bedroom, the room is simple and cozy. A panel with a peeled edge was added to the wall behind the bed for uniqueness and to emphasize the bedside lamps’ curving shapes. Both of these rooms, along with the landing, radiate a comforting sense of warmth to contrast the cooler tones of the first floor.

Trendy and inviting, the flowing interior design of Maison E fulfills all the owners’ needs – the creation of an environment conducive for socializing, for relaxing and for living.   

One Biters: Alan Cheung, Sarah Mui