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Playful yet sensible design is just One Bite away. 

It all started in 2014, when One Bite Design Studio, an Asian-focused multi-disciplinary design practice, was built in Hong Kong by a bunch of architects, designers, cookie makers and beer lovers.

We are masters at architectural and interior design, art and pop-up installations, and visual communication.

Having said that, to play is our one and only practice, and we amuse ourselves by brainstorming and inventing creative solutions that take our playful vibes beyond. After all the purpose of everything we do is not to build an epic, grandiose form, but to inspire unique experience, impact and memories.


If you identify with our values below, you should take One Bite:

We Play as We Create. At One Bite, a design always starts with a story, because it is stories that give meaning and life to space, and it is within space where experience and memories unfold. So you may as well call us storytellers.

Cost-consciousness is a virtue. Yes, quality and price are not always proportionate, because we challenge ourselves to providently achieve the best outcomes without ending up with a whopping bill. We tactically allocate our resources to ensure that our projects deliver the message our clients aim to speak.

What We Create, Community Enlivens it. The top-down approach is non-existent here, as we believe community takes the leading role in everything we create. We inform and to be informed by how people live, work and play, now and in future. We take great considerations into what the society’s concerns and care for, and to deliver designs that the community and the society is proud of.